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Surprisingly, we are NOT in the Baking Business

Oh sure, we make cake. But we know we’re in the business of making memories and we take that seriously. Special moments are meant to be celebrated, and we pride ourselves in creating a unique experience for your guests while bringing your vision to light. So, welcome, we’re thrilled to work with you.

Something a little different

We like to approach the concept of “dessert bar” a little differently. We’ve never been fans of the abandoned plate of half-eaten cake blocks and plastic forks that often pile up at parties… all that waste! We think a spread should present more like a BUFFET of choices rather than just a cake table or jars of pretty colored candy. And who wants to wait to be served? Guests feel more comfortable when they are free to sample as much or as little as they like. And, did you know? Not everyone likes cake? (I know, we were shocked too) so included in our menus are fresh fruits, yogurt parfaits and pretzel varieties, just to name a few, that adds variety to your choices.. a little something for everyone.

We also offer sugar free, gluten free, and vegan options, as well as our popular “Drunken Desserts” for the 21 and over crowd. And then, because we’re NIBBLERZ, we present in single bite-size pieces allowing for a unique experience that is both inviting and unmistakenly delicious with each bite. Forget the forks and grab a chocolate dipped strawberry. The dance floor is waiting!

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