Donut Walls

We start with the size. Donut Walls can be anything from a table top accent feature that draws people in, to a medium size that makes an excellent back drop to a dessert table, to a complete floor model that literally towers over you. And towers over you with a glazed, sprinkled confection that is THE DONUT – now what could be better?

After choosing the look you want, we move on to color. We have IN STOCK a pretty good variety of Base Walls that we customize to your event either with added graphics, floral sprays, garland, or other accents – including names or sayings.. We can also customize THE DONUTS themselves to alternate in pattern that make for a stunning entrance.

Venture through our gallery of previous arrangements and styles or let us know your style or colors and let us create one for you.

“After each workout, I always treat myself to donuts…. JUST KIDDING! I don’t work out.”