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My vision is 2020

Pardon the obvious play on words there , I couldn’t resist. I imagine there will be a lot of that circulating over the next year.. bloggers such as myself, late night comedians, TV comedys, commercials… Yes, I can see it clearly (Ok, I’ll stop).

My vision for Nibblerz has actually NOT changed. I still “strive to surprise “and dazzle you with creative designs and service based on southern hospitality in a big city world. You’ll never hear we can’t do something. Outside of anything that might border on a felony that is.

Recently I had the pleasure of assisting a client surprise her partner with a luscious dessert spread set up in their hotel room prior to their arrival on New Years Eve. Party Hats, liquor-filled treats, and a bottle of pink champagne were among the items that also included New Years Eve themed cake pops, decadent dark chocolate parfaits and Chocolate covered OREOS that featured images of the couple. After some challenges with the front desk to gain access to the room, I pulled a few strings (and maybe a credit card) and we were in. Like I said, nothing we wont do to pull off the ultimate surprise.

What happens in Vegas….. 🙂 Happy New Year all… make every day count.