Send in the Clowns Cake Pops


12 pops per order, collars and hats may vary in color based on stock

These little guys put Nibblerz on the map. Our signature cake pop, our Amazing Clown. Originally created as a prop for a Saturday morning children’s television show, the original ones were made with little black pepper corns for the eyes because of their round uniform shape -it looked better on camera.  Until the children began to pick off the eyes and eat them in between takes …oh the horrified faces of 4 to 6 years olds with a mouthful of unexpected PEPPER.  Live and Learn!  We’ve improved a lot since then and can assure you these show stoppers are as sweet to eat as they are to look at. No clowning around.

The last photo shows how we had this famous Nibblerz cake pop made into a necklace charm.

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The Process:  Traditional Cake Pops start with a completely baked cake that is then crumbled and creamy frosting added in as a binder.  The resulting dough is then hand rolled into 1 ½ inch balls (or hand shaped into desired forms) and dipped and decorated to specifications.  In order to achieve some of the designs, we incorporate cookies or various candies into the cake ball.

Flavors:  You will receive a combination of vanilla and chocolate flavors.

Serving Size:  Cake pops are generally 2-3 bites, a suitable plan is 3-4 per person if they are the main dessert, 1-2 if other desserts are being served, or singles if given as party favors.

Packaging:  Unless other packaging is selected, Cake pops come individually wrapped in a clear food safe plastic sleeve and machine sealed with white tape, then placed in a bakery box.

Storage:   2 weeks or longer: best stored in the freezer. It’s important to AVOID CONDENSATION from forming on the pop which can ruin some designs, or cause water spots. Transfer them from the freezer to the refrigerator a couple hours prior to serving.  7 days or less:  simply store in the refrigerator before serving.

Shipping: To United States addresses only. Sorry, no APO Military addresses as we can not guarantee freshness.  USPS Priority Mail or USPS Overnight Express is the preferred method.  Minimum 3 days lead time, and we ship on the following Monday or Tuesday for arrival Wednesday through Friday.

Local delivery available 7 days a week to Las Vegas, Henderson, & Summerlin.  Check our Local Delivery Map and see if you qualify for FREE DELIVERY

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