Irish Car Bomb Cake (contains alcohol)


Inspired by the famous cocktail of course, this cake never disappoints.  We bake the dark rich chocolate cake with a full cup of Guinness Dark Beer, then add real Bailey’s Irish Cream to our already decadent Buttercream frosting.  To top the whole thing off, our chocolate ganache (used in the filling and as the drizzle)  is fused with none other than Jameson whiskey.  The combined flavors make this an impressive dessert.


Our two stack, 9 inch round cake feeds approximately 10-12 generously.

NOTE:  The alcohol in the batter portion of the cake DOES bake out as you would expect however there is alcohol also in the frosting and in the ganache drizzle.

Storage:  Refrigeration until served to keep frostings firm and designs in tact.  Warmer climates will begin to melt frostings.  It’s important to AVOID CONDENSATION from forming which can cause cake paints to run or cause water spots. If you freeze it for any length of time, transfer cake from the freezer to the refrigerator a couple hours prior to bringing to room temperature.  

Shipping: Unfortunately we do not ship our cakes at this time.

Local delivery available 7 days a week to Las Vegas, Henderson, & Summerlin. Check the Local Delivery Map for delivery charges.


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