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Handshaking is sooooo last year! Hands-free greetings for the coronavirus era

First the NO-NOs: How NOT to greet

Remember that the recommendation is to stay between three and six feet away from others to reduce your risk of spreading or contracting the virus. Here’s what you don’t want to do.

  • Shaking hands: No, not even with gloves on
  • Sorry, no super secret hand shake that you and your BFF have done since middle school
  • Chest Bump: You may as well be making out with your faces so close – don’t do it
  • Elbow bump: Remember that people are advised to cough and sneeze into their elbows
  • Hip bump: Remember your personal bubble!
  • Toe tap: Unless your legs are super long, we suggest leaving this one out
  • Hand grab with the semi hug and back slap:
  • Cheers with your glass: Celebrating is nice, but you don’t want to risk getting someone’s saliva on your glass, or vice versa

Top touch-free greetings 

  • Embrace Spock’s “live long and prosper” salute 
  • Flash a peace sign
  • Place your hand over your heart like WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  
  • Nod or flick your head in acknowledgment (‘sup)
  • A slight bow will show your respect
  • Turn on your 1,000-watt smile
  • Channel your inner toddler and blow kisses (without the spittle)
  • Give air high fives like you used to do in school (from 3 feet away of course)
  • Air hugs can still be comforting (same as above)
  • Be calm and namaste on
  • Bring out the finger guns and a wink
  • Devise a secret greeting dance with your friends
  • Use sign language to say hello (or create your own hand language)

Even if you regularly sanitize your hands, the virus can spread through bodily fluids from coughing, kissing, spitting, even heavy breathing that propels vaporized moisture into the air. All you have to do is breathe it in or get it on something and rub your mouth, eyes or nose to complete the transfer.

So remember to stay safe out there. Expand your personal space bubble – it doesn’t just protect you, it helps keep others from getting ill too.