Booze It Up! Parfaits – Bailey’s Cookies & Cream Parfaits


12 pieces per order


Ahhhh, Parfaits.  Originally from France of course the luscious desserts involved custards, ice creams, and fruit before the American version introduced layers of cake or granola, or puddings to speed up the process.  Now a “parfait” can be interpreted to mean pretty much anything layered in a cup.

We’re OK with that.  We love to experiment with layering different flavors and textures, not to mention colors.  After all, food art is our thing and they really make an impact on a dessert table.

Note: Liquor is NOT added to batters and then baked off.  All of our Drunken Desserts feature premium liquors either delivered straight through a  pipette (for berries), or blended into the icings and/or fillings or incorporated into the delicious layers of a parfait.  You wont be disappointed.

Bailey’s Cookies & Cream Parfaits – Layers upon layers of Chocolate, Bailey’s Cream, OREO cookies. 

Ingredients:  OREO cookies, Heavy whipping cream, milk, semi-sweet chocolate, powdered sugar, Bailey’s Irish Cream liquor


Original recipe adapted from:


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