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Starting To Resemble Normal

It seems the Covid scare is beginning to wind down. We are by no means out of the woods yet and certainly our hearts go out to those suffering a loss as a result of the pandemic. We were all affected in one way or another but it’s nice to see people celebrating again, planning birthdays, re-planning weddings and working (cautiously) towards the “new normal.” Here are some recent events we had the pleasure of catering desserts.

The “Non-Wedding Wedding Celebration of Love” Theme: Cannabis and Tie Dye

Not the best photo of the mirror glaze galaxy cake with glow in the dark stars.
Chocolate & Cheese fondue fountains made this table fun and interactive
OREO Cheesecake bites
Parting gift: each guest received a marijuana leaf shaped sugar cookie with glow-in-the-dark green icing, placed in a ziplock bag with a header that read, “Thanks for being our Bud”